About Our Company

TheraWareTM is devoted to Keeping the Modern World Fresh with the latest innovation of applied Far Infrared Science and Technology. We are the leader in developing and distributing advanced storage that will preserve and protect contents far longer than any conventional storage container.

With our unique blend of TheraInfused plastic and Far Infrared Micro-Powder, TheraWareTM has accomplished a revolutionary advancement in storage that can save you or your business time and money. From everyday needs of food and plant preservation to the life extension of medications and vitamins, TheraWareTM promises to deliver highly effective, convenient storage every time.

Contact us Today to Become a Distributor or create a Customized TheraWareTM Storage Solution for your business. The Future of Storage is here.

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Freshness that Lasts Longer

The 4EverGreenTM Far Infrared Canister filters damaging UV light and eliminates oxygen for ultimate life-extending storage. With a few simple pumps of the Vacu-Seal, contents are sealed airtight and remain odorless. more...